TN Rule 31 Listed Mediation Services in Nashville, Tennessee

As a former magistrate (appointed judge) for juvenile court and a Tennessee Supreme Court Rule 31 Mediator, I help families and working professionals in Nashville find creative solutions to complex legal problems without a lengthy litigation process.


Leaning on my experience presiding over child custody cases and my knowledge of how Nashville judges have ruled in custody cases, I can help couples resolve divorce and custody challenges by agreement instead of having expensive, drawn out litigation.




In addition to completing the required mediation training to be on the Tennessee Supreme Court Rule 31 List of Family Mediators, I have specific, dedicated training in dealing with domestic violence cases.


My rates for family law mediation are fair and available on a sliding scale fee schedule. I offer mediation services in the following areas:


  • Divorce  

  • Post Divorce Child Custody

  • Child Custody and Visitation

  • Parentage/Paternity

  • Child Support

  • LGBT Family Law Issues


I provide mediation services to both married and unmarried couples to help them resolve their child custody, child support, and financial/property division issues either before or after a lawyer has been hired to file their divorce or custody case.

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