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Compassionate, Experienced Family Law Advocacy in Nashville, Tennessee

The law can harshly impact a family in legal crisis. Whether it’s about your children, your property, or both, you need to be proactive. The sooner you seek legal support, the sooner you can put the crisis behind you.

As a former juvenile court magistrate and frequent speaker at judicial education seminars, I know how to analyze your case, explain your legal options, and fight to ensure that your rights are recognized by the court. More importantly, I’ll advise you on making key case decisions that will prove to the judge that what you care about most is the best interest of your children.



There is nothing simple or easy about divorce in Tennessee. Navigating where to file, determining legal grounds, and figuring out the most effective and cost-efficient resolution for your case can be daunting. You can count on me to thoroughly walk you through each step in the process to ensure you understand all of your options before making any decisions.




Tennessee law requires courts to devise arrangements that allow each parent the “maximum participation possible” in the lives of their children. This permanent parenting plan outlines everything from residential schedules to how parents will share the responsibility of making critical decisions. With years of experience in guiding families and unmarried parents through conflict, I offer clients the personal attention and counsel needed to navigate your divorce or child custody case with minimal impact on your children.




Under Tennessee law, the determination of paternity is a highly sensitive and often complex process. For example, it is presumed that a husband is the father of any child born during the marriage to his wife regardless of whether he is the biological father or not. I have successfully represented several clients in dealing with sensitive parentage issues in both divorce and child custody cases. I have significant experience in working with unmarried fathers in getting their parental rights established.




As part of the parenting plan agreement, Tennessee has an “income shares” model for determining child support, which means both parents’ incomes will be considered as well as the number of days the children spend with each parent, the cost of child care, health insurance, and more. I can provide competent and compassionate representation to guide you through the murky waters of child support and ensure you and your children’s best interests are protected.




I regularly consult with LGBT couples on difficult family law issues involving property division and co-parenting after break-ups.  In light of the historic U.S. Supreme Court decision, Obergefell v. Hodges, recognizing the constitutional right for LGBT couples to marry, I can help LGBT couples in long-term term relationships better understand the legal impact of marriage and the proactive steps they can take to protect their family. I also provide representation for LGBT clients in need of a divorce.



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